Master of Science Theses

“Effect of olive kernel pyrolysis protocols on the physicochemical properties and the gasification reactivity of as-produced chars”, Voyatzakis Stamatios, 2020.

“Catalytic gasification of biomass”, Halevelakis Ioannis, 2019.

“Automated recording and real time graphic representation of air pollutants using unmanned aerial vehicles – drones”, Konstantinos Loukakis, 2017.

“Development of Direct Biomass Fuel Cells: the case of cretan olive kernel”, Agathocleous Theofilos, 2017.

“X-ray Photoelectron (XPS) study of cobalt-ceria mixed oxides for H2S decomposition”, Sgourakis Michael, 2017.

“Development of a methodology for selecting the optimal route of the biogas produced in landfills”, Stavriani Rogkakou, 2015.

“Development of an information system for the management and calculation of energy footprint in public transportation”, Georgios Nikoloudakis, 2015.

“Calculating carbon footprint for international airports”, Kosmas Koufos, 2015.

“Energy upgrade of the Monastery Gouverneto in Chania: Creation of a prototype green complex”, Nikolaos Paterakis, 2014.

“Determination and control of environmental footprint of an airport-airbase”, Panteleimon Kovlatzis, 2014.


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