Diploma Theses

“Synthesis and characterization of CeO2-TiO2 mixed oxides for energy and environmental applications”, Zarnaveli Aggeliki, 2020

“Catalytic hydrogenation of carbon dioxine to Olefins production”, Iason Christofis Dimitriou, 2020

“Carbon dioxide (CO2) capture & utilization technologies”, Marios Alkinoos Dimitriou, 2019

“Hydrothermal synthesis of Ceria Nanoparticles”, Georgiou Maria, 2019

“Energy exploitation of Biomass towards electricity production”, Davis Christos, 2016

“Environmental assessment of batteries production”, Komnos Dimitrios, 2016

“X-ray Photoelectron (XPS) study of ceria-based transition metal catalysts”, Spyropoulou Eleni, 2015

“Electricity production from Lignite: Environmental effects and remediation technologies”, Papadopoulos Theodoros, 2015

“Study for the installation of Photovoltaic systems: Legal aspects-Implementation processes and feasibility analysis”, Fotios Vrontos, 2012

“Energy-saving applications in buildings”, Eirini Krevatsouli, 2013

“Applications for energy saving and management in school buildings”, Xenofontas Kostantopoulos, 2013

“Calculation of air pollution in ports: the case of the port of Heraklion”, Kalia Pitsirikou, 2013

“Analysis of the process of electrification of ships at berth (cold ironing) and implementation in ports of Crete”, Pashalis Karafoulidis, 2013

“Comparative study of solar thermal systems for hot water production in the region of Chania: Life cycle assessment”, Chrysiida Karampatsou, 2013

“Comparative study of solar thermal systems for hot water production in Chania region: economic and energy analysis”, Vasilis Melisaris, 2013


Years Experience