Energy Technologies

  • Management and modelling of Renewable Energy Systems (RES)
  • Novel catalytic materials for energy applications
  • Water – Energy nexus applications
  • Carbon Capture and Sequestration – Utilization (CCS – CCU)
  • Carbon/Biomass to Electricity
  • Direct Carbon Fuel Cells (DCFCs)
  • Energy saving devices – “Smart” materials for energy applications

Environmental Engineering

  • Environmental Systems Analysis
  • Life Cycle Assessment and Eco-efficiency analysis
  • Environmental Catalysis
  • Advanced web-based technologies for monitoring air emissions
  • Environmental issues in the transportation sector
  • Emissions reduction schemes for the maritime and aviation sectors


Industrial Systems

  • Fault diagnosis in energy systems
  • On-line quality control for industrial systems
  • Control and leak detection in public utility water networks
  • Thermal and energy characterization of building structural elements
  • Decision support tools
  • Advanced IoT applications

Lab Activities

The academic and research disciplines of the IEESL comprise various activities:

Undergraduate courses

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Postgraduate courses

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Research Projects

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Research projects

The following projects are currently active:

Development, design, production and environmental analysis of advanced solar thermal collectors and heat storage systems using vacuum and phase change materials.

Rational design and development of nano-structured catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation to value-added
products (NANOCO2).

LIGBIO-GASOFC focuses on the development and evaluation of novel materials, devices and processes for the efficient co-current energy conversion.

Design of an intelligent
system for sustainable
management of
water networks:
application to Crete


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