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MERMAID” Mediterranean Environmental Review Monitoring for port Authorities through Integrated Development, INTERREG MED, 2014-15.

BISTS: Building Integration of Solar Thermal Systems”. In the framework of European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research, COST Action: TUM 1205, (2013-2016). Participant: M. Souliotis.

ILCIS”: Development of a novel intelligent lighting control system with imaging sensor for optimum daylight exploitation and energy saving. Research Program “Thales” of Greek Research and Technology Secretariat (GSRT), 2011-2015.

Odor investigation in DEYABA’s wastewater treatment plant”, funded by ΟΑΚ (20.000 €). 1/2/14-1/8/14. Coordinator.

RES economic study”, funded by Chambers of Commerce of Pieria and Serres. 1/1/13-30/6/13. Coordinator.

e-greenship”: Integrated system for the continuous monitoring of pollutant emission and optimum management of the operational, energy parameters of ships.  Research program “Co-operation” 09ΣΥΝ-51-871, 2011-2014.

CoolRoofs: interactive web application for the calculation of energy savings from “cool roof” use.  In the framework of Intelligent Energy – Europe, IEE/07/475/SI2.499428. 10/2008-10/2010.

Competitiveness”: Technical and scientific support of ‘Anaptixiaki Kritis’ for the implementation of Action 2.1.3 of  Operational Program ‘Competitiveness’.  Task: energy audits and verification of investments in energy savings, wind farms and solar farms (2002-2008).

RERINA: “Integration of Renewable Energy Technologies in Rural Insular Areas”.  Funded by SAVE –ALTENER. December 2005-December 2007.  G. Stavrakakis: Senior Scientific Researcher.

SAVE 4.1031: “Sensor fault detection in smart buildings”, funded by the Network of Excellence “Smart-Accelerate-Acceleration of Smart Buildings Technologies and Market Penetration”.

PRAXE 71: “Creation of a smart node for indoor environment and energy management in buildings, by the development of a knowledge-intensive company”.  Funded by “Measure 4.1:  Support of research units for the standardisation and commercial exploitation of research results.  Location and use of research results by the creation of new enterprises (spin-off)” of the “Competitiveness” Opearational Programme of the Greek General Secretariat for Research and Development (GSRT).

SMART-BE: “Developing distance training courses for SMART Buildings Energy Management”; funded in part by the Commission of the European Communities in the framework of the LEONARDO Programme.

BUILTECH: “Development of an Integrated Building Energy Management System”; project in the framework of the Joule program (JOE3-CT97-0044).  Design and Implementation of an Integrated Intelligent Building Indoor Environment Management System using Fuzzy Logic, Advanced Decision Support Techniques, Local Operating Network capabilities and Smart Card Technology.

Instructor in the “Energy Management Training Programme in the P.R. of China”, Project No. XVII/A4/96-01, EUROPEAN COMMISSION,  Directorate General for Energy – DG XVII.


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